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Thor - Eau de Parfum

Thor - Eau de Parfum

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Suitable for every occasion, casual or in a suit, on the beach or on a date.
Elegance is the right expression. The first impression counts, with Thor you will be remembered. Sexy, masculine, fresh and warm at the same time.

Thor fulfills all the wishes of the person wearing it that an eau de parfum can bring with them. Lemon and bergamot give the composition a fresh and sweet note
touch without being really cute. Mint refreshes, geranium, lavender and pineapple round off and form the heart of the fragrance.

Thor is designed from the ground up and consists largely of finely sorted, explicitly chosen materials. Sandalwood warms, cedarwood accelerates, amber refines and tonka bean spices. The base is a classic combination of incredibly attracting notes that are intoxicating.

Thor makes you feel confident and incredibly good-smelling.

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